Victor "Bucket Head" McCoy is a main character in the animated television series Kitchen. He is based on series co-creator Hat's school friend. Bucket Head is one of the show's four central characters, along with his friends Tony "Pants" MansonCharlie Darren, and Diane Macle. He debuted on television when Kitchen first aired on June 5, 1999.

Bucket Head is a seventh grade student, (Later eighth grade) who commonly has disturbing experiences throughout his fictional hometown of PotCity, New Jersey. Bucket Head is generally depicted as friendly, knowledgeable, religious, and on times perverted.

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Personality Edit

Bucket Head usually has an outgoing, loveable, and optimistic personality throughout the series. However, in many episodes, he lacks these characteristics (Cone ManCarrieRise of the Planet of the Jews for example), and shows a more negative personality. Bucket Head is also extremely religious, and gets paranoid about the many things he does. He is also known for being sexually aroused by many things. In episodes such as The Special Place and Bucket Head Commits Genocide, he has been seen trying his best to lose his virginity, especially at a young age. In addition to this, Bucket Head has actually lost his virginity in the episode The Bucket List, after he has sex with a Ukrainian prostitute, who later gave him sexually transmitted diseases.

Appearance Edit

Like many recurring characters in PotCity, Bucket Head is a yellow chickpea, with large beady eyes, orange limbs, etc. He has reddish brown colored hair, and usually wears light blue clothing. He has an average pre-teen size and weight.

Role Edit

Victor McCoy, mainly named Bucket Head is the main character of Kitchen, along with his friends, Pants and Chuck. He is often known to be possibly average like the other children in school. He however, gets in trouble a lot, causing more chaos in his life. He is seen as a hero to some, for he saves most of his friends in many episodes, unlike Pants, who would rather ditch them. His intelligence in the series seems to be stable and quiet high for his grade. 

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