Songs to Offend Little Pussies Like You is a 2003 parody/Comedy music album based on the American animated comedy sitcom Kitchen. The songs included are mostly soundtracks, parody songs, or comedic songs which usually feature the characters. The album was released during the show's fifth season, after the film caused multiple controversies. The album is famously known for one of Kitchen's most controversial song: "The Fuck Song".

Although the album received mixed to negative reviews, it had an impact for the crew and the series to produce more songs. Five more albums: We're Pissing You Off Again!, Nazi Party, Bucket Head's Erotic Fantasies, 2012, and Build a Wall Around Tumblr, were released.

Songs Edit

Tract Edit

The songs included are mostly parody songs (parodies a real song). Most songs are filled with such offensive content, like: sexism, racism,

No. Title Writer(s) Performed by Length
1 Perfect Night for a Hanging Tourniquet  Tourniquet 5:05
2 Born to be Wild Slayer Slayer 3:05
3 Little Pussies Like You! Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 00:41
4 Da Ghetto Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 1:39
5 White Powder Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 1:43
6 The Fuck Song Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 2:11
7 Southern Fried Abortion Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 0:56
8 Who Lykes Dykes? Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 1:08
9 Rosie O'Donnell's Tits Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 1:21
10 Yee Haw Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 4:03
11 Princess Diana Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 0:26
12 Helen Keller Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 0:52
13 Rosa Parks Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 0:50
14 Allahu Snack bar Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 5:07
15 Nigs Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 3:29
16 Mr. Henry's Atheism Lesson Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 1:27
17 Live Old, Die Cold Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 1:35
18 18 Years and Younger Ralf Hat Ralf Hat 2:31

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